Design Your Own Luck

Luck is probability plus choice plus relaxation.

There’s a 100% chance you are going to die. Luckily, it’s probably not today. We spend time like we have an infinite amount, but any day could be our last. Are you good with that? Are you happy where you are closing the book?

Toss a coin in the air, 50% heads, 50% tails. Unless it’s a trick coin. To be luckier, we need to stack the deck in our favor. We can do this with better decisions. Certain decisions lead to set outcomes.

Most unlucky circumstances stem from unclear or thought-less decisions.

The tricky bit is to get off the train when a bad decision is leading you to worse decisions.

The goal is to do things that lead to a greater chance of luck than unluck.

For example, ignoring the long term over the short term. Buying a new shirt instead of saving for a rainy day. (Even a stumble can turn into a downpour if you aren’t prepared.) Choosing an extra hour of work instead of a good night’s sleep.

Short term benefits, long term costs. Long term benefits, short term costs.

Being able to put the long-term over the short term takes a lot of letting go of the pressure and expectations we put on ourselves. Which brings us to the last variable, relaxation.

Have you seen (or read) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? Harry drinks a vial of Felix Felicis, aka Liquid Luck, and suddenly becomes cool as a cucumber. Instead of worrying, he goes with the flow. He follows his intuition/gut, no matter how odd, and despite not knowing why he should.

Earlier in the story, Ron believes he himself has taken the potion, and—without a drop of Felix in his system—suddenly becomes incredibly confident and lucky.

Most of us do the opposite. We go around worrying and stressing about everything, and constantly tell ourselves how unconfident we are and believe everything is going to set on fire in our lives.

But what if we just accepted where we are and went with the flow. What if we listened to our gut more than our heads (and wallets). What if we confidently believed things will work out.

Combine that with better decision-making and trick coins, then we would be one lucky fish indeed.

Ask Yourself: Will X increase or decrease my chances of luck and success?

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1092

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