Make Your Own Mistakes

“Often any decision, even the wrong decision, is better than no decision.”

Ben Horowitz

The worst decisions you can make are from a place of non-decision. A non-decision is a self-thoughtlessness one. Meaning, without consideration of why you are saying yes (or no) to something.

This comes from a place of not knowing what you want, and/or not taking the time to ask yourself what you want.

By not knowing what you want, big life decisions are made for you by the people in your environment.

In some regard, this can be a good thing. If you are surrounded by wise and thoughtful people, then they’ll want the best for you, and their influence will reflect that.

But what someone else thinks is the best for you and what you think is the best for you isn’t always the same thing.

Plenty of people have gone down the path of being a doctor or lawyer, not out of passion, but because that’s what their parents told them to do and that doing so would make them successful and happy.

But success and happiness aren’t always the same thing.

Sometimes what others deem as successful actually creates unhappiness.

Take the opinions of people whom you admire and respect into advisement, but make your own decision based on your own dreams and passions.

Even if you’re not sure what you want yet, it’s better to make a mistake by your own hands, than regret a choice by defaulting to someone else’s decision.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1084 ☕️

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