Self-Helpy Nonsense

My blog posts have been trending towards self-helpy, motivation pieces lately. Mostly because I’m writing things I need to hear myself.

I like writing content that helps motivate and nudges you to improve and change, but I’d rather not be another “self-help guy.”

The self-help I find worth reading is always ground in practical application.

You can tell me “you can be successful if you put your mind to it” but I find that less appealing and impactful compared to if you show me how and back it up with your own experiences.

I admire great writers and thinkers like Adam Grant and Maria Popova (there are so many, but those are the two that come to mind) who can take an idea or a connection of ideas and combine them with personality, research, and history.

I’d like to go beyond my personal observations and take Renaissance Life to the next level. What that looks like precisely is still out of focus, but it’s something I’m going to be continuing to put some time and energy toward. It’s also another reason why I’m doubling down on podcasting and having good conversations with people smarter than me.

If you have ideas for what you would like to see from me and the Renaissance Life, shoot me an email: Josh [at] RenaissanceLife [dot] com.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1074

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