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Have you ever thought about the clutter of our lives we leave around the internet? Old profiles, emails we no longer use, dormant “libraries” of apps, books, files, and films waiting for us to click back to them.

Of course, all this information and history is not really waiting on us—it’s just bits (1s and 0s) stored on computers somewhere.

In a positive sense, you could see all of this digital clutter as experiences of ourselves in a moment in time. Not the sun of who we were but small pieces of our lives captured in amber. That’s one of the reasons I’m drawn to video and vlogging. You get to capture a snapshot of your life in a moment in time.

There’s always a component of organization and curation when it comes to creativity. Editing. Cropping. Enhancing. Reworking. Renaming. Refiling.

I was talking to my fiancée, Gabriella, about this and she wants to minimize and organize her digital life. It bothers her that there are random things out in the ether that she no longer needs. I haven’t given much thought to my digital assets/life that I don’t use.

As of right now, I’m somewhere in the middle. I don’t want to nuke my digital life—like a secret agent whose identity is scrubbed—but I also don’t want to spend a bunch of time finding, organizing, and (attempting) to delete things.

I also like the idea of one day revisiting my old iTunes music collection or the first apps I ever downloaded when the App Store became a thing, or scroll through old cringe-worthy photos of me.

I am interested in all the inputs that I actively receive but don’t use or benefit from. Why do I subscribe to thirty plus brand emails I never shop at? Why am I holding to these old email addresses anyway?

Digital clutter is anything online or on your computer that is no longer useful, joyful, or is actively getting in your way.

It might take up physical space, but it does take up mental space—mental space we could be using for better things than sifting through our embarrassingly unorganized laptop files.

What does your digital life look like?

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1065

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