With a Little Hope

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hope is a fledgling thing. It doesn’t take much to rekindle. When all feels lost and cast in shadow, a little spark of hope can bring life to your eyes. Even if you’re still flailing about in the dark, hope adjusts your vision to see clearly.

But don’t let me just wax poetically like some armchair philosopher. Let’s think of some solid examples.

Losing your job can easily feel like a hopeless situation. You didn’t see it coming (or you did but you were trying to ignore the possibility). You have a moment of pure freedom the first couple of weeks without a job, but then reality sets in. What are you going to do? You send in dozens and dozens of resumes and CV’s and don’t hear back from anyone. You’re dealing with your livelihood, so things are stressful. But then you land an interview—a spark of hope. Or a friend of a friend has an in at a company you admire and you land a job. Or your job loss leads you to start your own company.

Losing your health is another hopeless/hopeful situation. Again, it’s one of those that can blindside you if you aren’t paying attention. Health is one of those things we often don’t think enough about until after we lose it. One day we’re fine, and another we’re chubby and winded walking up a flight of stairs. One day we’re disease-free, and the next… But from the loss of health, also comes a greater awareness of ourselves and others. An experience we were closed off too suddenly becomes our experience too. Health issues allow us to walk in others’ shoes and gather into communities to support each other. They also allow us to rise up and do something bigger with our lives.

There’s nothing quite like the fear of death that can push us to be alive.

“All human wisdom is summed up in two words; wait and hope.”

Alexandre Dumas

When things are bleak, when your mind is dwelling on unhelpful thoughts, takes some time to step out of your immediate problem and find a little bit of hope to help guide you forward. Because hope gives us strength and energy when we need it most. Start journaling. Seek out a friend. Talk to a professional. Start something. Learn something new for the sheer fun of it.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1030

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