Keep Your Toys Out

“One of my most important ‘Secrets of Adulthood’: Outer order contributes to inner calm.”

Gretchen Rubin

I have a hard time creating if there’s a barrier between me and the tools and supplies I need to create. For example, if my guitar is in a case, I’m much less likely to play it. Or if my sketchbook isn’t within reach, I might not draw at all.

This probably sounds ridiculous. You could say I’m just being lazy, but I don’t think that’s what’s going on (maybe 25% lazy 😉). There’s a kernel of insight here somewhere. The problem isn’t that my tools are tucked away and hard to get to, rather, they are out of sight.

It’s the classic “out of sight, out of mind” phrase.

Any barriers that come between you and your art is friction that slows down your momentum ever so slightly.

If my equipment isn’t at hand, I’m less likely to use it. If an idea pops in my head, but I don’t have any paper or device to put it down on, it’s most likely going to be gone in twenty minutes.

I find it good to be ready to create moments notice when inspiration strikes. And more importantly, when it comes time to work on your art, you have everything prepped and ready to go— Creative Mise en place.

While I’m taking a break from work, I want to be able to reach over and jot a few writing ideas down, or grab a guitar and let my creativity wander. Otherwise, I’d just be mindlessly scrolling on the internet.

The goal is to make things as easy as possible to initiate.

The same works for any habit or practice. For example, having your shoes and workout clothes visible and ready or keeping sweets out of the house so you’re less tempted to reach for the Ice Cream when your sweet tooth starts calling.

Q: What are some barriers between you and your art/habit you can remove?

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1021

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