Attuned to ideas

“The good ideas will survive.”

Quentin Tarantino

Ideas float in the air like radio and cellular waves. They exist in the buzz of our times, where cultures, information, technologies, and voices swirl together like a nice broth waiting to be sipped. That’s why two people on two completely different continents can come to the same idea simultaneously.

Everything around us that has been built by others has accumulated to what we have and are dealing with now. I wouldn’t be surprised if you discover an idea that’s been floating around the air for centuries.

Not to say that your ideas aren’t original. By choosing an idea and putting in the time and effort to create it, you’ve naturally made it unique by the fact that you are uniquely you.

If you don’t choose it, someone else will. Like a tomato on a vine, you can pluck it and take it with you, or not. (You can also pick a tomato that’s not ripe or too ripe, but that’s an idea for another day.) But don’t worry, ideas are limitless. They are exponential. Just like how each answer creates a new question, each idea creates at least one more idea, usually a dozen more.

If you feel like you you don’t have any good ideas, then perhaps you aren’t listening to them.

You have to be open fork an idea to come at you from anywhere and anytime.

A great place to start is to recycle someone else’s idea. (The further back in obscurity you go, the more original it will seem.) By borrowing someone else’s idea, or borrowing multiple people’s ideas and combining them, you can then add your own originality and flavor and transform an old idea into a new one. (Don’t forget your sources.)

Ideas are basically a universal human right. Anyone can be attuned to them and come up with something great that benefits others and improves their lives.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #991

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