Should I Finish What I Started?

No. Not if it’s not worth it to you. Not if it’s not bringing you joy and value.

I used to finish every book I picked up. It didn’t matter if I loved it or hated it, I wanted to see it through. Fiction, nonfiction — finished ‘em all. But what did that really accomplish? I don’t remember anything about them. I can’t even remember one book’s name right now. There’s too many books in the world to read one you dislike. Now if there’s a book I’m not enjoying, I don’t hesitate to stop reading it.

Not everything started *should* be finished. If our time is worth more, then we should stop if we can. 

Bad books are just a small example of how easy it is to waste precious time we could be doing something else. But what about the bigger things? The ones we have to sink our time and other resources into. 

Business Ideas. Friends. Hobbies. Relationships. 

What’s worth it to you?

Would you regret it later if you didn’t keep doing it or didn’t start?

Or how about the reverse — would you still want to be doing it 3+ years from now?

If not, why do it now?

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #874

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