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We are coming down from our pedestal and up from the laundry room. Bella Abzug
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Whenever I feel overwhelmed my goto strategy to center myself and get my mind in a better headspace is to organize my environment. As any organizer will tell you, better organization starts with more dis-organization. (Don’t worry, this blog post isn’t going to turn into a Marie Kondo lesson.) First I’ll clear my desk and the surrounding area. Then I’ll wipe down the surface, and while that’s drying I’ll take all the books and knickknacks and post it’s and paper that has been accumulating and put all the related things together. Anything that can get rid of, I do. And slowly, I’ll add things back to my desk, one item at a time. Making sure that what I need to work on is in front of me, and everything else is not.

Chores are great mental palette cleaners. When you think of the word “chore”, I’m guessing you’re having flashbacks of laundry and taking out the trash. A chore is any little pesky todo that you inevitably have to do otherwise you’ll end up standing naked in your dirty smell house with no hot water with nothing to wear for that social thing that’s happening in 30 minutes.

By itself, a chore is nothing special. (Insert your best dad joke here.) However, a chore can become amazingly special if you add one ingredient: you’re complete and undivided attention.

It’s the equivalent of a hot shower and making things with your hands combined. Chores can be meditative when you give 100% of your focus — no music, no tv, no conversation, no rushing, no multitasking — just you and what’s in front of you. The clothing that needs to be folded. Or the kitchen that needs a scrub. Or the desk that’s looking like a hoarder’s house. Or mowing the lawn. Or the dishes. You don’t have to like (or do) them all at once. You just need one.

The physical action and movement take your mind off the mental stress and worry that’s bothering you.

So what chore is your goto?

And, more importantly, what’s the cause of the stress that’s making you feel overwhelmed or frustrated in the first place?

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #850

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