The little things are the big things in life.

I’m likely stealing this line from someone else, but it’s true.

Things we do or not do.
Things that matter to us.
Things we remember.

“You don’t remember the graduation, you remember the car ride after graduation.” A while back, I was listening to a conversation around the movie Boyhood. Don’t quote me on this, but the director, Richard Linklater, was discussing how they crafted the film, specifically that they left out big life events, like graduation, because those aren’t the things we hold onto. The memory of graduating fades, but the little memorable moments around it doesn’t.

Little problems are often the things that make us fail more than the obvious. While our heads are up in the clouds, focusing our efforts on doing more and getting more done, little problems are nipping at our legs, growing in size without us knowing until it’s too late. Timber.

Little things matter much more to friendships and relationships than the big ones. Sure, we’ll go to a friend’s wedding. But will we be there when they are going through a job transition or loss in the family?

Small nudges of thoughtfulness show that we care. Driving out of your way doesn’t seem like a big deal, or like it would add up to anything, but it does.

You would think flossing, walking daily, and/or making your bed (or buying a new mattress) wouldn’t do much for your wellbeing, but it does. Once you experience the benefit of things like flossing, it’s hard to go back to life before you did it.

Whenever overwhelmed, start with one small thing that’s bothering you.
Whenever in doubt, focus on the little things.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #802

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