Caught up in the Right Things

In life, we often find ourselves in difficult spots — places we don’t want to be — such as poor relationships, burdensome financial problem or unfulfilling work. Sometimes we even end up in the exact opposite of where we want to be. As nice as it would be to figure out how to avoid these difficult moments, they are often blessing wrapped in painful disguises.

In order to find ourselves in a good place, we have to go through a crappy place to get there. Or, in other words,

Something usually has to break in order to have a breakthrough.

I guess I’m saying there’s sometimes a bright side or silver-lining to negative things (…which is really dumb but true).

I’ve found it really helpful to remember that when I’m going through a rough patch, whatever it is. If we can latch onto to the good we have, and remind ourselves that there are good times ahead, perhaps we won’t be so caught up in the negative, frustrating (yet fleeting) moments.


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STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #782

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