Why Read Fiction Books?

I’m a fan of both fiction and nonfiction.

I know a lot of people who skip fiction and only read nonfiction. I think the main motivator behind this is the perception that there’s no value in reading fiction. Nonfiction is about providing insights and experience about a particular thing, such as starting a business, but what fiction does? It’s just a movie with words, right?

Not really. I find fiction valuable for many reasons.

Fiction is an excellent way to impart wisdom through storytelling. It’s also a great way to experience the world (or different. worlds) through the lens of characters different from ourselves. Not that fiction has to be valuable in order to be useful. It’s also just a fun way to turn on our imagination.

Beyond the books that are just pure adventure and romp, which I do enjoy, fiction books elicit curiosity, imagination, and possibility. They open your mind up to words and worlds you would never dream of.

Now, I enjoy a good movie as much as the next guy or gal. But when we read fiction, say a sci-fi opera or a fantasy adventure, we are translating scribbles (words) on a page into characters, worlds, and tales in our minds. Pure imagination. The book creates the scaffolding, but our imaginations are filling in the details.

If you are on the fence about fiction or haven’t read a fiction book since your sixth-grade English assignment to read Pride and Prejudice, then maybe it’s time to revisit it. And remember — you don’t always have to choose a literary novel set in a normal place. They are thousands of unique and weird genres out there to choose from.

I’m also going to making a push to talk more about books in 2020. If you aren’t a big reader but are book curious, or if you love reading and want book recommendations and reviews, sign up for my future Bookaholics Newsletter: A curated list of recommend books (nonfiction + fiction) for book lovers looking for their next read.

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— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #781

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