Rocky Road

“Of all possessions a friend is the most precious.”


The worst mistakes I’ve made in life could have easily been avoided if I had the wise advice and counsel of people around me.

Maybe I’m just wearing my 20/20 glasses too tightly and misperceiving all mistakes as easily overcome-able when in reality it’s difficult to make the right decision at the moment without all the cards on the table.

Also, It’s worth noting that I’m not blaming the people around me for me flubs and failures. The decisions I make and the consequences of them won’t always be my fault or intent, but they are my responsibility. We are rarely truly in control of what goes on in our lives. All we have a grip on is the decisions we take and the reactions we make. Even our thoughts will some times run away from us. But taking responsibility is the first step towards taking control of our lives. Own it.

Wise counsel is always a good idea too. Companies have board members, advisors and mentors giving the leaders advice when faced with challenging problems, why don’t we? What if we built our own personal advisors — not just for our businesses but— for our lives.

If we can cultivate a group of friends and community around us that care’s about our success and wellbeing in life (and vice versa), then we will be much more likely to avoid the big pitfalls that can derail us in life.

Cultivate a group of people around you who’ve got your back.

Wise advice from people you can trust highlights blind spots and gives you different angles on the things you are going through right now. Plus, the fact that you are going through something likely means there’s been someone else out there who has been in similar shoes you are in and could help you navigate forward.

The path forward is often unclear. Intentional thought and wise advice can shine a flashlight on the rocky terrain.

We can additionally cultivate our thinking, intuition, and knowledge so that we will also be a good judge of the challenges and decisions we need to make.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #770

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