What we do inevitably creates who we are. And who we are motivates what we do. Ad infinite.

The direction changes when we interject new experiences and decide to prioritize one thing over another. This is good, because it gives us control over our lives by giving us the chance to replace bad habits we dislike with good habits we want.

Eating sugary desserts after dinner trains you into wanting dessert every night. Sugar is an addictive substance (which doesn’t help) but it’s also the process — the ritual — that we eventually pavlovian-ly condition ourselves into the habit. Do we like the sugar or do we just enjoy the process and the relief from stress and monotony that goes along with? The same can happen with healthy things too: eat spinach (raw or properly cooked) enough times and you’ll start to crave it soon.

Negative experiences can often be good for us too (as long as they don’t kill us in the process.) Experiences something that figuratively smacks us in the face and has the chance to set a new course for our lives. It also highlights what’s in our control and what isn’t. An injury can show you how vulnerable you are and precious life really is. It also can show you the negative space — the space within the space. Meaning, you don’t know how much you rely on something (be it your back, your left toe, a loved one, a friend) until you don’t have it anymore.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #745

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