Don’t Stop with an Idea: Make it Real

Giving an idea a name is important, but not as important as making it. Ideas are powerful, yet only exist in our imaginations if we don’t put it in action.

There’s a lot that goes into making an idea reality. For starters, not all ideas are created equal. Some have better shots at making it than others. A good idea can be made great with grit and industry, but trying to make a bad idea great is like mistakingly using backing soda instead of baking powder — they sound the same but create a completely different outcome. It’s tricky because a bad idea can often look like a good one in the moment. You think you have a killer idea, but you’re timing is off, or you’re missing information that says otherwise.

Always think about the purpose behind an idea.

Would I use it myself? Do I want to create this because I need it in my life? Would you be regret not making it? That’s often how the best ideas — be it products, books, apps, you name it — come about.

Or is this just simply for the money for the sake of money? The desire to make money to improve the quality of our lives (and creativity) is one thing, but the desire to have money just because we want it won’t fly.

I think the biggest reason our ideas stay just ideas is because of fear. Fear of imperfection. Fear of looking like a fool or looking crazy. Fear of failing. Fear of succeeding and still not being satisfied with ourselves. Fear isn’t the enemy. Wait what? Yes you read that correctly. Fear is only the enemy when we allow ourselves to give into the fear. Otherwise, fear is a motivator. It motivates us to push harder, and it motivates us to hold back and live to fight another day.

The question is, is your idea worth it? Is it worth the fear? Worth the time and chance of difficulty?

If you’ve got the purpose and drive, make it happen.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #742

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