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“I’m probably wouldn’t do anything differently if I had to do it again. Every little thing that happens to you, good and bad, becomes a little piece of the puzzle of who you become. Every successful person you read about – Warren Buffett, Bill Gates – they all say pretty much the same thing. ‘Do what you love.’ I know I did.”

David Foster

Are you doing great work today?

Is that work something you love doing and would do it anyway, even if you never got a single dime or follow?

Are you trying to one-up the work you did yesterday?

Are you trying to help others and make an impact?

Are you genuine?

Are you prioritizing self-care, family and community?

Then you are exactly where you need to be. Keep doing it. Otherwise, make small adjustments to make sure you are aiming for the right things in life.

There will never be a moment that we ‘make it’, because there will always be questions (from ourselves and from other people) like so, ‘what’s next’?

‘What’s next’ is what this life is about.

It’s letting go of things you didn’t like in the past, be that work or pain or setbacks, and always living in the moment. The future is today, we just haven’t realized it yet. Everything we do today, adds up to what we do (or not d0) tomorrow.

There’s always another mountain to climb. The goal is less about climbing the mountain the quickest, farthest and highest anyone’s ever been, or being the first to do it. The goal is to enjoy the hike. Up, down and on to the next. There’s joy and meaning to be had at each step. Because even when it’s most difficult, and you’re hungry and parched and tired, it’s worth the effort to do what you love, and be who you love. Plus the water tastes that much sweeter. And the food even more satisfying.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #716

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