Let it breathe

“In the quiet moments, the discoveries are made.”

Vera Farmiga

If you don’t give your creativity time and space, you’re not gonna do it.

Creativity needs breathing room to grow. Not an unlimited time amount of time, of course. Too much time might be just as detrimental as not enough time. In both cases, we usually end up not creating anything meaningful.

Shoving your craft into the last 20 minutes of your day is fine if that’s all you have to give right now. But it highlights an important idea: is our creative pursuit — the thing that you love to do — so unimportant to us that we can only fit it in our busy schedules at the very last moment of our day?

Believe me, I get it. Not everyone is doing their creative work as their full time gig. (Maybe that’s your goal, but you are not there yet. Or maybe you just love doing it in addition to your job.) But that doesn’t mean we should bench it to the sidelines. We need a little space to thrive.

Do your creative work first. Get up earlier if you have to. Find a way to prioritize enough time that allows you to do the work you feel called to do.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #688

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