Too Much of a Good Thing

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.”

Bruce Lee

I tend to overdo it when it comes to books. I’ve currently knee deep in 6 (okay, okay — 8) books I’m reading simultaneously. I find it useful to read a variety of books at the same time because it allows ideas to cross-pollinate (what a fancy word… two words?) and muddle between each other and create new and interesting ideas from the mix. Plus I’m just into a lot of subjects. (Hey, if it works for having multiple classes in school, why not for life…school? ) However, even good things need balance.

If I spend too much of my time and energy reading, I’ll have less time to act and work on my various interests and commitments. But, if I don’t read enough (or at all) I’m missing out on insights and knowledge that could help enable me to do my work better and could add more value to my life.

Habits exist of a spectrum, and somewhere on that spectrum — potentially a unique place on that spectrum for each of us, depending on our life and circumstances — there’s a Golden mean where we find benefits with minimal downsides.

Consider exercising*. Not enough exercise can increase our chances of poor health, such as becoming overweight, Heart Disease, strokes, leave us breathless, little energy, poor posture. Over-exercising can tax our system, potential suppress our immune system and increase our chances of injuring ourselves. The Dose is the poison. Somewhere on the spectrum between being a couch potato and an American Ninja Warrior, there’s a healthy dose of exercise that works for each of us. How much you need versus how much I need might be different. And figuring out what works for you is part of your journey (*I just write stuff on the internet. Consult your doctor.)

I guess that means that habits are a lot like Goldilocks and the Three Bears —“Too big, too small and just right”. We need to find the right balance of our habits that works for us and bring us value.

Of course, I’m not going to stop reading (what a silly idea). But I am going to set a limit and make sure that my ‘learning’ doesn’t get in the way of my ‘doing’. (At least until I can figure out how to read for a living 😜.)

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner

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