Two-hit Wonders

Why are there no two-hit wonders?

On the homepage of the previous version of this blog right above a link to my post of the day, I had the phrase “you’re only as good as your latest post”.

You Are Only as Good as Your Latest Work.

It was a reminder to myself, more than anyone else, really.

The goal of any creative work (and work in general) is to make something great. Music, Entrepreneurship, Authors, Poets, you name it. Everyone wants to make a hit, but nobody wants to be a one hit wonder.

The problem is, once you make something great, we tend to stop making. The fear of failure becomes too strong. ‘What if I make something terrible now?’ ‘What if I never make anything better than that?’ Our work becomes a monster of our own ambition and fear. Even on a small scale, like writing a blog post, becomes this massive obstacle in our way. So we don’t even try. And that, my friends, is when we become a one hit wonder.

We become a one-hit wonder when we stop trying. There are no two-hit wonders, because the the creatives who figured this out and kept going turned into the amazing artists and entrepreneurs we know today. If they stop at their first hit, or their first failure, we would know (or not know) them for that too.

We may only be good as our latest work, but that means if we keep working hard good things will come. Not every thing we do will be great. Some things will flop. But make enough work and the good will outweigh the flops. And because we are only as good as our latest work, if today sucks, tomorrow is our chance to improve and make something better.

We only lose when we quit something we love*.

*unless that thing we love doesn’t love us / is bad for us, like cigarettes, the quitting is a good idea. 😜

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner

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