Comfort Zone Gaps

Comfort is not necessary a bad thing, but if it makes you feel complacent or stuck then your comfort is getting in your way of living a meaningful life.

Think of comfort zones as concentric circles like a dartboard, with you standing comfortably in the middle on the bullseye and larger circles of discomfort expanding out around you.

We don’t really want to leap for the outer circle immediately. We could try, but the problem is most of the time we won’t. The outer circle is terrifying when you are safe and stable in the middle. You might hate where you, but you’re sure as heck not about to go out there. When faced with an overwhelming amount of fear and uncertainty most of us (if not all) who are not trained do nothing. Even if that uncertain situation is something we want to do and even dream about doing. The gap is too far away.

Jumping straight into your discomfort zone is like trying to give a speech in front of a large crowd without any morsel of preparations or practice — palm-sweating and almost assured you’ll choke.

The better approach to getting out of your knitted-sweater of a comfort zone is to take it one circle at a time. What’s something you can do that puts your foot in the water? What path can you create with milestones along the way to achieving your goal? How can you use fear to your advantage?

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner

Daily Blog #668

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