Short Term Long Term

It’s good to compare the short-term value versus the long-term value of what we say yes (or no) to.

If I say yes to a work opportunity, what’s the short-term value and long-term value, and what’s each half-life? How long does the value last? Trade for example. If I trade a logo design for a food gift card

Short-term and long-term usually comes down to immediacy. If you don’t have any money for food this week, then trading work for a food gift card would be a great idea. But if you’ve got plenty of money for your essential needs, then training your time for food is a debatable value.

Long-term benefits are almost universally more valuable than short-term due to compound interest.

It’s worth noting that consistent short-term actions lead to long-term value. You can’t have a long-term vision without the short-term actions to get you there.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner

Daily Blog #654

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