Paper Planes

In the grand scheme of things, a mistake or missed opportunity in life is tiny. Sure, that minisual poor decision or outcome might have produced a significant problem. But even so — life keeps ticking.

Our past is painted by our present (and subjective) mindset. If everything sucks I start looking at all the negative things that have happened and forget all the positive.

Sometimes all we can do is let it go — write it down, talk it out fold it up and then release it to the wind like a paper airplane.

We can’t change the past by dwelling on the past. We can, however, change the outcome of the past by focusing our efforts on today’s opportunities. We aren’t rewriting history, but we are appending a new chapter to our story.

Nothing gives me more hope for the future than investing in today does. Today is where the all the magic happens. It’s hard to see that sometimes (often) because of how busy our lives are, but it’s there when you take a look.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner

Daily Blog #646

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