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“Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself.”

Henry Ward Beecher

High standards are not healthy.

However, they might be necessary to create the success you are looking for in your creative work / life.

Like most things in life, standards require balance. Perhaps too much makes us brittle and leads us to a breaking point… eventually. That beginning said, I’ve never seen any one half-*ss there way to success.

I try to find a healthy balance by combining high standards for myself with awareness of my progress.

High standards is the critical self-eye showing you that your work still needs improvement. “I’m good, but I’m not there yet.” Awareness of process is a self-pat on the back of how far you come. “Today was good, tomorrow will be even better”.

This way, we are positively looking forward and growing, without constantly focusing on the negative or what’s wrong with our work. Every time we give it you’re all, progress is made. It sounds exhausting, but really it’s exhilarating. Every new day is a chance to improve a little bit and learn something new I didn’t know before. That adds up after a while (and quicker than you think).

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner

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