Moving Forward

We bring ourselves to whatever circumstance happens to us. Naturally.

Even now, as I’m writing this, I’m bringing my own flavor of experience to this idea.

An event happens, a setback hits us, fate strikes, and then we bring so much to the party: perspectives, believes, expectations, history…

Does that make a bad outcome only because we see it as ‘bad’?

Sometimes. It’s hard to say.

It’s often only bad in the immediate and leans towards good, or at least is ironed out in the long-term. Losing a job, breaking up with a friend or significant other, stress, anxiety, death… all affect us and suck in the present. But what about a few months from now? What about a year? five years?

It’s almost like we are living through small parallel threads of the three act structure you typically see in movies and books:

Act I – Setup: Exposition, Inciting Incident. Act II – Confrontation: Rising Action, Midpoint. Act III – Resolution: Pre Climax, Climax, Denouement.”

If we gave up in Act II, everything would end in loss and hopelessness. But if we keep going, despite the immediate pain and anxiety, a resolution will happen. That job loss leads you to a better job opportunity or stepping out with your own business. A death can be a heart-wrenching impetus for the need to change and a highlight of how quickly and precious life is.

It’s difficult to see events in a useful / opportunistic perspective — especially hard events. But just knowing that we bring ourselves to our experience helps create the right tone to what comes our way.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner

Daily Blog #604

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