Not Very Convincing

It’s likely impossible to logically convince someone who believes something on an emotional level. Unless the other person is a fantastic listener, they are meeting your facts and figures with feelings. You might as well have brought a wet pool noodle to a gunfight.

Which is why most family political arguments go nowhere but to the bottom of the dessert tray (and eventually, your butt).

This is why stories, and telling your own personal stories matters so much when it comes to your creative work. Everyone’s a creative nowadays. To stand out and to build a community, you’ve got to not only create great art, but also hook in the emotional aspects through your journey. Your story resonates with your audience (even if you don’t have an audience yet).

Which means if you don’t put your heart into everything you do and give it your 100%, its likely not going to have a ripple effect like you are expecting it too. It’s also a great sign that you actually aren’t all that into it. Bad days are one thing, but constantly being reluctant to do something, or feeling relived when you are finally done probably means you don’t love it like you think you do.

Effort. Share. Repeat.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner

Daily Blog #601 

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