Clean Slate

There’s so much hope we can pour into a day.

Our expectations of what the day will hold. We can bring so much of ourselves to a day too. Our doubts, fears, even our regrets from previous iterations. And also our dreams and vision of what are future looks like.

I do my best (and sometimes epically fail at) to meet each day as if I’m a new person. If you meet the day fresh and focus only what’s in front of you (and your vision / dream not far from it) every day can be a New Year’s day.

Every day is a clean slate, in the right perspective.

This isn’t to diminish our past by only focusing on the positive in everything and ignoring the downsides, or to wipe away all the crap that’s happened to us.

But it does give us a chance to leave some of the baggage behind and focus our attention on the potential of what we have to work with now. Setbacks suck. Pain sucks. Overwhelm sucks. Stress sucks too. But if you can take the hard-earned lessons, and use them in the present, your future will be much brighter for it (and because of them). There is always at least a little bit of good in crappy situation. Sometimes it just takes some time and / or space to see it for what it is: improvement, opportunity, possibility, growth.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner

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