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I’ve been out of it the last few days.

There’s been a lot of life stuff going on (mostly the “kicking in the shins” part of life) and I’ve been in a mental downpour. I go through cycles of…. discouragement, where I don’t really want to do anything, even the things I know that would help knock me out of it. All I end up wanting to do is two things that I know won’t help: avoid people and eat (endless) cookies.

I find writing to help mitigate negativity and the dregs, and be a great way to reset the RAM. The moment you start writing, it’s almost like the bad juju gets sucked out of you. Write. Shut down. Reboot. Feel new.

Writing is just one form of reseting. whenever you are feeling down, moving your body, talking (to a friend or therapist or camera), manual labor or making things with your hands are also great mood lifters.

Move the body —> move the mind.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner

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