Curve Balls

Life is rarely straight as an arrow. Just because your path is misaligned doesn’t mean your are going in the wrong direction.

I’m sure I got this insight from someone smarter than me:

Life is a curved path. When you least expect it, it curves on you. But knowing that can make all the difference to your mindset going forward.

Nothing is a waste, unless we let it end because it’s not what we wanted or what we were hoping for. Even negative outcomes can have positive endings if you keep going, pick yourself up when you need to and keep pursuing what you love.

Nothing is assured either, but that’s okay too. It’s often the things we don’t expect that makes our lives the more interesting. Aim for your vision, your goals, but be open to where the path takes you. The worst thing we can do is complain and drag our feet the entire time along the way. Not only do we miss out on the lessons from the hard days, but we also miss out on the opportunity that fortune / chance / fate / God / The Universe (insert your own beliefs here) has in store for us.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner

Daily Blog #591

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