Time is a continuous battle for me. (I would eat an entire Amazon cardboard box for another day in the week. Saturday. Sunday. Wonday)

Finding, no — making time for your creative pursuits is a part of the creative process.

If you don’t, there’s no creative process. (Or there’s just a sea of unfinished projects you have to swim through to get to your kitchen to make your Wonday paleo pancakes)

But how do we make time?

1. Give up BS time.

How much time can we possibly spend on social media and shopping online? All of it if we are not paying attention. This comes down to prioritizing your goals in the moment. What’s more important: Scrolling on instagram, or working on your dreams?

2. Go to bed early, Get up early

The biggest reason to get up early is the uninterrupted time you have to yourself to make stuff and learn. Uninterrupted time lets you go deep and focus without stretching your mind in too many directions at once. To get up early, you’ve gotta go to bed early, which sucks and is difficult, but the reward is great. (You can try to get up early and stay up late, but that’s unsustainable over the long run, and not limits you creatively compared to a well-rested you.)

3. We can’t.

We can’t unfortunately add an extra day to our week, but we can do everything we can each day to make sure what we do matches what’s important to us and what we love. (Which gives us all the time we need… mostly)

I do my best to live by three things: show up, do what matters, let it go.

Showing up — to your creativity, for your friends and family and your significant other is the best thing you can do to find a meaningful life. When things go wrong — show up. When things go right — show up.

Do what matters. Each day should have the goal of trying to do more of what matters to you and doing less of what doesn’t.

Let it go. Not every day will be perfect. Some days will be nothing days, where nothing you actually wanted to do happened, or you fell down a YouTube rabbit hole all day. That’s okay. Let it go. Make tomorrow better.

Show up. Do what matters. Let go of what doesn’t.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner

Daily Blog #581

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