It’s 9:26 PM.

I’m writing this on a plane heading back to Atlanta, then Chattanooga.

Gabriella and I have spend the last week on holiday in LA.
I bought her a ticket to Moxi Skate Camp for Christmas, and decided to tag along.

I’ve said before here on this blog, that I’d like to think of myself as… well, not a minimalist, but minimally-inclined. Which sounds like a disease, or something you would say to a short friend asking if he’s short and you don’t want to hurt his feelings.

The reason is with creativity comes tools of the trade. A musician has her instruments and gear, a painter has her brushes and oils, a maker has her tools.

But I do try to avoid buying into excess, figuratively and literally. I wholeheartedly agree with the minimalist ideals of pocessing only which you find meaningful, useful or brings you joy.

All that being said, I brought far too many things with me on this trip, and bought too many things while on the trip (mostly food, and clothing).

Walking on the plane, I felt like a pack mule carrying his burdens across the mountains. +10 points for every persons shoulder I bumped into getting to my seat, +50 points for every head. It’s not that I brought a lot of one particular thing (okay I brought a lot of books), I just brought a lot of category of things that I like to do, the ‘essentials’ of a creative life, or at least that’s what the bushy eyed me thinks before a trip, and the shoulder-neck-broken me curses after a trip. But I digress.

Traveling is a great palette cleanser, in general but also in highlighting the things we deem essential to keep around us.

There’s nothing like lugging a carry-on luggage, a overstuffed backpack, a yoga mat, a tote full of books and a pair of roller skaters around an airport terminal to give you a breath of perspective.

For me and gabriella, this trip has highlighted the impulses of buying things hold on us, as well as the hilarious amount of things we deem necessary to life.

What does this spark of insight mean exactly? What’s my takeaway?
I’m not sure yet.
Something practical.

I don’t plan on getting rid of everything and becoming a minimalist, but I do want to live more intentionally, and be more intentional about what I buy and own.

Minimalism isn’t a negative or anything, I did spend the last year away from social media, so I’m not allergic to minimalistic ways. (More on that in a future post.)

I can say that I’ve learned a valuable lesson today as a pack mule, and the balance between creativity and the tools in which to create, as well as the daily essentials are something I’m going to focus my attention on as of today.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner, your traveling pack mule

Daily Blog #568


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