Pursuing a Meaningful Life

What would you do if you could do anything?

Would you move to a different city?
Would you quit your job and do something you actually want to do?
Would you start doing something you’ve always wanted to do?

Now for the hard question:
Why aren’t you doing it now?
What’s blocking you from the life you want to live?

Often, the answer is money. (It usually is my first response when I think about these questions for my own life.)

Or maybe it’s fear. Fear of trying. Fear of failing.

Every day is a chance to add to your calling.

There’s two things we can do simultaneously to make this calling our reality:

1. Remove the Barriers

2. Do it anyway.

Remove the Barriers

If you feel called to do something, then removing the barriers stopping you should be one of your biggest priorities. If money is the problem, mastering money is part of the solution. Read every insightful book on money you can get your hands on. Apply what you learn. Live below your means, while also increasing your means.

You might find that money was a problem but was masking the real barrier (such as fear). That’s good. Now you know. Now you can master this one as well. Keeping going down the list until there are zero barriers/excuses left.

Do it Anyway

The second thing we can do simultaneously while we are working on breaking down our barriers is do it anyway.

How can I pursue my calling despite not having money?
What’s a creative approach that allows me to side pass my barriers and do it anyway?

If moving is what you want to do, then what would you do if you had to move next week? What would you need? A new job lined up? A place to stay? Who do you know that lives there? Who do you know that know’s someone who lives there?

Barriers between us and a meaningful life exist. Obstacles take us off the path we were supposed to be on. Our journey is rarely ever a straight shot. But the only thing really keeping you from the person you want to be is you.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner

Daily Blog #564


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