Teaching Yourself to Live

We go through life like we know everything, but the majority of what we know has been learned.

We weren’t born knowing how to walk; We learned how to walk. Our legs were made to walk, but we still had to learn how to use them. Yet, today it feels natural. Maybe your family recorded your first walk on video, so you have a less vague sense of learning to walk, but most don’t remember actually learning how.

The same is true for many things.

There’s a lot of important knowledge in life we are just somehow expected to know and be good at. School and parents teach us many things, but how to live is usually not one of them… or at least there’s a lot that can, unfortunately, fall through the cracks.

Posture / Movement

So many things we are just expected to… be great at.
I could say that I ‘wish’ I was taught more essential life skills, and I could complain that I’m bad at these or more…. or

I can become a self-starter and teach myself what it means to live.

We are the ones most effected by not knowing how to be great at life skills.

If we want to live a meaning life, we need to teach ourselves how to live.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner

Daily Blog #552


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