How to Grow an Idea

Think of your idea like it’s a plant.

It starts with a seed. It grows and changes over time. It provides something for the ecosystem around it. It has a shape and form.

What does your idea need?

Just like a plant needs sunlight, water and good soil, your idea needs energy to become something more than an idea in your head.

‘Energy’ for your idea comes from at least two places:

1. Energy from You.

How much time, attention and other resources are you giving to your idea?

Without attention, your idea won’t grow as vibrant as it could. And too many ideas at once can potentially crowd out one another

“Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.” — John Steinbeck

Are you dividing your resources between multiple ideas you are trying to grow?

There’s only so much time and energy we can give to each idea. Adding more people to your mission can amply your ability to grow it faster and farther. But when you are just starting on your idea and its just you, make sure you are giving it the time you need and not stretching yourself too thin.

How much enthusiasm do you have for your idea? How much does it mean to you? How much does it resonate with you?

Without a good reason behind your idea, it will be difficult to keep at it when things aren’t growing as you wish they were.

How much action are you giving your idea?

“Ideas Won’t Keep. Something Must Be Done About Them.”– Alfred North Whitehead

Are you nurturing your idea as much as possible?
Every idea needs action to grow — planting, watering, pruning, nurturing, replanting, debugging, etc.

It’s worth noting that ideas can die.

You can imagine and plan the best tomato garden in the world, but if you don’t plant any tomatoes, then you have no tomato garden. No tomatoes. And no matter how much you talk about them, nobody really cares about your imaginary tomatoes.

We must act on our ideas to make them reality. Or others will grow a tomato garden instead.

Or if it’s an idea you don’t feel driven to grow it, give it away.

2. Energy from others.

Does your idea also resonate with others?
Does it solve a need?
Or put an interesting twist on the ideas that came before?

Ideas don’t have to resonate with everyone, nor do they have to be big. Big ideas can have massive impact on our lives, but small ideas can be just as potent, respectively. And a small idea that impacts one person is better than a big idea that resonates with no-one.

For example, you don’t need to build a billion dollar idea to change your life. Even a small idea acted upon can have a massive impact on your life.

Even if you want your idea to be massive, big ideas need to start somewhere. Small ideas done well can grow into big ideas.

I could keep going, but I’ve ran this analogy into the ground I think. (pun intended).

Go plant something.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner

Daily Blog #548


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