The Shape of Your Life

Time is weird.

We live our lives in fixed moments in time, yet also see our lives stretched into the past and potential future, almost as if we were observers looking in on ourselves. (Very woo woo)

And over time, our life has a shape. Just like how we as a society point lens to the sky and can observe galaxies in the universe, we can also take a look at our own lives and see all the decisions, lucky encounters, changes and freckles that add up to who we are right now.

I am the sum of all my past moments and all my future hopes lived out in daily experiences.

Yesterday: This is who I was on that day.
Today: This is who I am today.
Tomorrow: this is who I could be.

Or in other words:

I can’t change who I was.
But I can change who I am.
Therefore, I can change who I will be.

And at any moment today, there’s a chance of change. We can choose to act differently. Or even life can choose things for us. That’s right folks, a lot of who we are was decided by outside influences — parents, culture, environment, God (insert your own beliefs here). But it’s not worth dwelling on.

Focus on the inputs you can change — how you react, how you think, how you live, where you live, who and what you surround yourself with. (And set yourself up to be lucky.)

What’s the shape of your life going to be?

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STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner

Daily Blog #546


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