Energy o’ clock

Why do we schedule our days around hours instead of hours AND energy?
Obviously, I get why. We need to keep track for when events occur and when we are running late to the morning meeting. Nothing like trying to schedule two or more people to meet at the same time and place to show you that we need schedules in our lives. But imagine a world where we only worked within the window of energy we had to give. Didn’t get a greats night sleep? No problem. Work as effectively as you can, for as long as you think the quality is sound. Spend the rest of the day resting up. Feeling amazing today? Let’s go to some great work.

I know, I know… of course, this is massively subjective, easily abused, and hard to determine how much ‘energy’ we have at any given moment in our over-caffeinated, over-stimulated world. But is it such a crazy idea to give your mind, body, and spirit the nourishment it needs at the moment? Are another 4 hours of pounding energy drinks and clacking away at our computers really going to be as effective and worthwhile as we think it’s going to be? Will it matter in a week from now? Probably not.

Imagine what we could do if we were well rested, well fed, and mentally, emotionally and physically ready to take on the day.

This can only be fully realized on the individual level. I don’t see how our ‘move fast and break things’ culture could adopt a ‘work when you feel like it’ pace.

The fundamental concept comes down to a question:
What matters more — the quality of the work, or the hours we put in?

In an always on work environment, something’s going to break… eventually.

To me quality matters. Sometimes that means putting the hours in. Quality hours. Not all hours are created equal.

I want to have the health and energy to do my best work each day, and still feel alive by the end of it.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner

Daily Blog #543


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