Details Matter

Little things annoy me.

  • Walk a few miles to work and back every day — Nothing to it.
  • Get held up by a (probably fake) gun for my iPhone and wireless headphones — No problem. (This actually happened last year. I told them no… — and they drove off.)
  • Writing a daily blog — Where can I sign up?

But having to reset my Spotify family account and resend email invites after a debit card expired?

Sets my insides are on fire.

It’s not Spotify’s fault. It was just one of those little details I overlooked. I saw the messages but ‘was too busy’ and didn’t act in the moment.

I think small, frustrating situations like this, can be 80% avoided if I focused on the details more. (And the remaining 20% can be a chance to practice being calm and cool under pressure. 🙂

Details often feel like unimportant in the moment, but they are actually vital to the big picture (And to our wellbeing). Neglect something important long enough and it will surely steamroll you later when you least expect it. A lot of examples come to mind, but one is an aspect of our lives we often overlook: sleep. (cue soapbox.)

I honestly dislike sleep. I’d choose not to sleep if I could. But if you look at the most up-to-date research on sleep, it quickly becomes apparent that sleep is vital to living well. Sleeping 1/3rd of our lives makes the 2/3rds remaining worth it. Our energy, creativity, immunity, critical thinking, productivity, resilience, mood, mindset… everything is dependent on getting a goodnights sleep. And yet, we cut our sleep in half just so we can get more stuff done. 1 hour less one day…. 2 hours less another. We avoid sleep little by little, building up sleep debt over time, which can lead to Alzheimer’s and other dreadful health issues.

All that to say, it’s usually the things we don’t notice, or neglect that do the most damage… eventually.

So much so it’s hard to even pinpoint the cause of the damage.

Details Matter. They accumulate.

Negativity, like sleep debt accumulates over time. And, luckily, positivity does too.

Health, wealth, friends, relationships, family, work, books, albums….. each build over time, detail by detail. It’s not the one great day you had with your best friend that matters, it’s all the days added up to a lifetime of friendship.

Focus on the details and doing a great job at them and the big picture takes care of itself. Sure, you want to know what ‘picture’ you are building, but the details are what are going to get you there.

Get the details right and they will accumulate into something incredible.

P.S. Any family members reading this, I’ve resent ya’ll an invite to Spotify. Check your email 😛

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner

Daily Blog #532


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