Taking on too much is usually done through good intentions.

We want to experience everything. We want to go everywhere and soak up the world.

We want to be a doctor and an artist and an entrepreneur and a great mother and an excellent tennis player and linguist.

So we do. We learn three languages at once. We binge travel Europe in a week. We work and study ourselves from morning to well into the night. And we play tennis in between our painting lessons on the weekends.

Or at least we try.

There’s the work meetings we have to attend, the eternal laundry we have to do, the kids after-school activities. Traffic.

And, unfortunately, by trying to do everything, we end up doing nothing. Or eventually run out of steam. By packing everything in, we lose out on the experience of each intention.

I say this knowing I’m the biggest culprit of all.

In fact writing this blog probably won’t change that fact either. Tomorrow I’ll still want to be a Musician, Best-selling Writer, Functional MD, Podcaster, Entrepreneur and Artist.

How do we know when we are doing too much?

Too many things all at once?

You know you’re doing too much when things start to wobble.

When you hear a comment from a friend or family member that you’re never around anymore, or that you’re always distracted.

Or when 7PM rolls around and you’ve barely scratched the surface on your TODOs.

Or when you’re always late. ALWAYS. Because you don’t have enough time between your events.

Wobbly moments are subtle and hard to spot. In fact, we often don’t spot them until after something has broken. Luckily, we almost always have a chance to recover and change. To put on the breaks and take a moment to decide whether we like where we are going or not.

Doing too much, isn’t the bad guy. The only finger we can point to is our limited amount of time, but even that’s not really a bad guy per se. Even if we all lived to a 1000 years old we would still want more time.

Time is the sweetener of life.

It shows us how important each day is, and also how pressing it is to spend it well.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

Daily Blog #520

IG: @Renaissance.Life

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