Simple Shifts

For the last 500+ daily blogs that I’ve written, I can’t think of one post that I didn’t write on that day. Usually cranking one out 10PM, completely exhausted and spent.

I’d like to blame my demanding work schedule that’s been controlling my life the last few years, but if I’m honest with myself, despite the validity of that excuse it still feels like a cop out.

An excuse is an excuse. Especially when it comes to excuses that are stopping you from pursuing what you love.

It’s like Debbie Millman from Design Matters says, “Busy is a Decision”

The silliest thing is it would take me much to change how I write a blog each day. A simple shift would completely reinvigorate how I write each day:

Write two posts today instead of one. Today’s post and tomorrows.

They don’t have to be blow-your-socks-off amazing. They just have to come from your thoughts and experience.

Sometimes ideas like that just need a push. Just a little oomph and energy spent towards creating something that matters.

Sometimes a simple shift in the right direction is all we need to completely change our lives in a positive way.

This post is that oomph for me.

I’m still writing every day, but writing in advance instead of day-of gives me a lot of flexibility. First, I can let each blog idea stew for a bit longer. This gives me more time to think about the idea, research and relate it to other ideas out there in the world, and make it better my giving more time. Second, it gives me mental space to think about bigger and better ideas. And third, it opens up some of my time to focus on larger writing projects than just my daily’s.

It only took me 516 days to work up the mental strength to actually do it!

But hey, you’ve got to start somewhere, right?

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

Daily Blog #517

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