Anchors of Hope

My mind is spinning today.

From all the things I’m trying to learn, and all the things I don’t know.

From decisions I’m following through with, and future plans I’m beginning to wireframe in my head.

I don’t think anyone born comes out thinking, “I really want to be bad at life. I want to suck at living.”

We are born with pure, 100% grade optimism and curiosity for the world.

And very quickly the world tries to beat it out of you.

Perhaps you were born premature and immediately have to begin fighting back the obstacles that pepper our lives. Or maybe you’re like me, a late bloomer, who faces his (or her) obstacles today.

Those obstacles guide us forward. They feel like wrenches in the gears, but in reality they are the levers that lift us further and farther to heights we didn’t even know about.

This is a perspective that can easily be masked by the struggle with negativity and self-doubt and fear that shoots holes in us. And without something to look forward too, without a plan to anchor us into the present, we can quickly burn ourselves from the inside on the anger, resentment, regret or even shame that clouds up our minds.

What we need are pieces of hope. Signs that are trying means something. An idea or mission that guides us forward and gets up in the morning, one more day, to keep going and improving and living meaningfully. For some that’s faith in God or faith in science. For others that a business or a passion that guides them. For others it’s a helpful friend or even the little surprising things of life, like a lovely sunset or the sound of rain.

For me, I could use all the help I can get 😉

Find your hope.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

Daily Blog #515

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Book: Almost Everything by Anne Lamontt

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