Filling the Void

Just like without a deadline our project will fill out to infinity,

We also fill out our spaces in by the size and type of environment we live in.

Physical and mental spaces.

Let’s consider physical spaces.

If you are used to traveling around the world with just a suitcase and a backpack, you natural limit what you carry and get rid of everything else. An extra 1/2 pound is nothing after 30 minutes, but a complete hellish burden after a couple of days. Most of the time we sidestep this when we travel because we have a destination, a hotel, an airbnb, a friends place, somewhere to place and keep our belongings. Imagine the scenario where the two suitcases, the backpack, the side bag, the paper bag currently holding your uneaten sandwich couldn’t be drop off anywhere. What would you do if the stuff you took with you had to be on your person the entire time?

Our environment, the city and culture we live in has a dramatic effect on our lives. But it’s not just the big spaces we live in that pull us in different directions. The small spaces change us too.

Physical space, the size and shape has a strong determination of what we put in it, and therefore can have dramatic effect on our lives.

If you have a giant empty house, you’re going to naturally want to fill it with things. If you have a tiny apartment, if the smallest case of disorganization makes your place look like it was hit by a tornado.

This is something I find wildly soothing and gives me peace of mind. I think its because it’s a small sign that we’re not always naturally crazy.

What we are talking about here is boundaries.

We are constantly being pushed and pulled, poked and proved to do things and to be convinced to do thing by everything around us. This is also a space we haven’t given ourselves boundaries in.

It’s also something we can use and hone to our advantage.

I built a giant bookshelf so that I would have the desire to fill it up with books. Books to learn and improve. Books to challenge and explore. Books to be better and teach me how to be wise.

Want to be really good at something? Create the space for that something to exist and thrive.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

Daily Blog #512

IG: @Renaissance.Life

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