It’s time for a different playbook

Bitterness is like ink overrunning on a sheet of paper. It stains everything: your hands, the paper and everything it touches.

The problem is — to take this analogy to the extreme — the ink is invisible.

Bitterness hits us and builds before we even know what it is. Outwardly, it can be confused as anger, or resentment or passive aggressive or reckless. But usually its unseen and harms the giver more than the receiver.

Bitterness happens when things don’t go in our favor. The fault can, and usually is, completely out of our control. Yet we are the ones that still feel let down by events and life and bite the bitter fruit.

Bitterness is cured by resilience. We need to be able to adapt to misfortune and find the sweet / opportunity in any bittersweet moment. Things happen. How we think about these things and what we decide to do with them is how we win.

When you do your best and nothing goes right, its not you — it’s your playbook. Find more information. Seek wisdom and counsel. Learn to have compassion for yourself, even when you feel like doing the opposite.

When in doubt, throw out your playbook, start from scratch or find a better one.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

Daily Blog #505

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