Inspiration & Desire

Where does desire come from?

What makes me want to write a novel, or start a company?
What drives someone to start a book club, or become a parent, or choose sailing as their career?

Nature? Nurture? Is it in the water?

From birth, we are inspired by what we experience. Not all of what we experience is our choice, but what we do with that experience is. We are inspired by those we are around — happenstances or choice. We are inspired by the invisible wheels of culture and systems we live in. We are inspired by what we say yes and no to. Inspiration is powerful.

Which means, something things we desire might not be our own, which is scary and difficult to navigate. Insecurities masking confidence masking pain masking truth. Not to say all of what we are inspired by is false, we felt something by the words of encouragement, or the act of boldness we experienced. Inspirations can lead us to wonderful places. Desire for desire sake is what we want to avoid.

To be honest, this idea is too much for me to handle it. It’s like having an idea for a piece of furniture but not having the tools nor the skills of how to make it. I don’t know how to talk and think about these things right now, at least not yet. I do know we should be open to exploring why we do what we do and whether or not we actually want to, despite what our feet tell us.

I think some call this intuition or instinct. A bubbly warm pull in your stomach or head telling you what to do or not to do. I’m still finding mine.

Examine your desires. Examine your actions. Figure out what you really want, not just what you say you want.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner.

Daily Blog #497

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