Bad Choices

“Being poor is the most expensive, because you have to pay for it in bad choices”

There’s always a why behind the reasoning.

You reason that you’re doing something because you have too, or because you’re told too, or even because you automatically just fall into doing it, but is that worth the cost of living un-purposefully?

We try so so hard to make certain things happen in our lives, yet heard stop and consider why we want them to happen. Do you really want to start a business? Or do you like the idea of seeing yourself as a business owner?

Do you really want to go to school for accounting? Or are you just doing it because it pays well?

Not to suggest I’m telling you to just follow your passions. That’s a great way of going broke if you don’t have a direction. I more responding to the motivation behind the actions we take. Do we really want it, or do we just want the money to do something else? Do we really want to be famous, or just like the romantic idea of being famous?

There’s good and bad to every reason, but have a strong why behind your actions and you’ll always seem to come out on top and actually enjoy your life, even when nothing is working.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

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