Humans are naturally social beings.

We seek belonging and connection. We go through life making friends, losing friends, making new friends, looking for love, heartbroken, finding love. We surround ourselves with others like-minded trajectories in school, work, even hobbies.

However, there is such a thing as too much socializing.

Find your constantly surrounded by people with no second to call your own and you’ll never truly have a taste of who you are. Not that you have to know who you are. It’s not a requirement in life. People can live their entire lives without actually getting to know themselves. What they really like, what they really enjoy, hidden behind what others — friends, family, tribe, society, culture — that tell us what’s cool and worthy of our time.

But you’ll never really know who you are unless you get to know yourself when you’re alone.

We find who we are in stillness and space. Showers, long walks, retreats, camping trips, moments right before bed, workouts… all moments of space throughout, showing us the potential of who we are and all the creativity and desires bottled up inside.

Space is how we can learn who we want to be and do with our lives.

Connecting is how we realize that truth into the world.

We need both to to be the best human being we can offer to ourselves and the world.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

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