Everything In 0.2 seconds

I’m so bad about bringing too much stuff with me. I usually have a decade worth of books, projects and entertainment with me wherever I go. Am I going to ready all three of these books I have with me (and have been meaning to read)? Maybe… Not.

Save yourself from your own insanity. one book. one task. You don’t need a backup.

Most of us are lucky enough to be a few taps away from anything we want. (Or unlucky in some cases.)

Besides, how many books (or insert your favorite medium here) have you blown throw, yet can barely remember anything about a few months later?

Do we really need our entire morning coffee kit on a weekend trip? Or a different pair of shoes for each day of our vacation? Or enough movies on our phone that outlasts the death of the sun?

Probably 😉

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

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