Gravity Waves

When I was younger, my cousin and I would love to get into my grandparents pool and start making a ruckus with pool floats. We would pump up and down in a inner tube, forcing the calm pool water into violent rough seas. Do it well enough and the entire pool, from the shallow end to the deep, would be rocking like deep ocean waves.

Everything you surround yourself with has a gravitational pull on your mind.

A pile of dishes, a stack of unread books, instruments, equipment, toys… — aren’t just objects in your home, they are subconscious todos. The waves are subtle too. Little wobbles in your force field, undetectable unless you’re paying attention.

People are like this too. Everyone you come into contact with has gravity waves too.

The closer you are or the more influence they have over you, the more subtle the waves. You think it would be the opposite — and sometimes it is — but it makes sense if you consider it. Who’s hard to say no too, a random person on the internet, or a friend / coworker / family member?

The tricky part is not letting any negative waves influence you or suppress who you are.

Back in the pool, one thing you notice is that even in the strongest waves can be overcome, by an equally strong force, or better yet — by realizing you can always get out of the pool.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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