A New Story

When it comes to ourselves, we can be so degrading. We tell ourselves we’re never good enough, we can criticize every single we do, even think. But would you ever talk to someone you care about as harshly as you talk to yourself?

In some form or fashion, you are where you are in life by where you’re level of thinking lies. If you think you’re fat and unhealthy, or can’t ever be healthy Ike you were when you were younger, then you’ve already lost in your mind. And by listening to those negative thoughts, you start to believe it, and then act out those things in life, which reinforces the reality you’ve spun in your head, further solidify that they are true. ‘See, you can’t even go one day without eating desserts, you’re hopeless.’ …


Our mind is our first line of defense, our first line of action. Critical thinking creates weak action. Practice and improve your ability to recognize negative self talk in the moment, and reframe the narrative looping in your head.

You’re as confident or courageous or strong or wise or wealthy as you think you are.

Don’t let your thoughts control you. Tell a different story.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

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