Live it up

What do we do when we are thirsty?

We drink. We seek water, we buy beverages to quench our thirst.

What do we do when we are hungry?

We eat. You go to a restaurant or make something at home.

What do we do when we are tired?

We rest. We go to sleep. We take a nap. We turn off and let slumber take us for a while.

What the body desires, we must fulfill, otherwise we don’t get very far, you know, with the whole living thing.

But what about our mental and spiritual wellbeing? What do we do when we have dreams we wish to do?

We usually do nothing. We satisfy everything and everyone else first. We forgo our dreams for other things we think we need more, like money and status (follows, fans, outfits, press). We expect. We wait for our dreams to happen to us. A letter in the mail telling us we’ve won the lottery (huh, I don’t remember buying a lottery ticket… oh well!). Any day now. The Great Pumpkin will come out with treats and cheer any second now Charlie Brown, just you wait. We hope that our lives will just automagically change by itself. spontaneous improvement!

But that’s not how it works. Adventure favors the BOLD. You will not find fulfillment waiting for your dream, go do it.

Perhaps your dream starts with enabling someone else’s dream, or perhaps you need to steady your nerves and go for it. Whatever it is, waiting isn’t enough.

You could wait all your life (which is also not assured to be long, we just assume we will live till we are 90)  and still not have done your dream.

Or you can live it up in the present.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

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