The Gift of Hope


“Where there’s tea there’s hope.” — Arthur Wing Pinero

Even the smallest ounce of hope can brighten up the unlit attic of despair and misery.

If that’s not a line straight out of a Batman movie, then it should be.

When I get lost in stress or moments in life that feel almost hopeless, I find my mind chit chatting away with itself. Running through recent conversations in my head. Running through things I want to say in the future. (Conversations with myself that aren’t based in reality at all) Playing things over and over. The kind of self-talk that leads to nowhere, but you keep catching yourself doing it.

Where does negatively lead but to more negativity?

Despair to more despair? Anger, bitterness, loneliness … to more of their kin.

And the worst of all it starts to absorb in your pores. It’s easy to spot a discouraged face. (At least it is from one person who’s experienced it, to another.)

But negativity doesn’t suit us. We’re more capable than that.

Hope is a way to reset the loop.

A small act of kindness is a small gift of hope. It’s like a breath of fresh air where you realize you’ve been holding your breath for awhile. This could be monetary in nature, but usually its just a small act of goodwill or a tip of the hat in the general direction of someone who needs it.

Everyone has their own problems they’re facing, their own insecurities looping in their heads. Everyone will face a version of the same problem some point in their lives.

You’ve probably already bought your Holiday gifts and have them wrapped neatly under the tree. But think about how you can add a few more gifts of hope to those around you. You never know, they might be the most memorable gifts you give!

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

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