Pay to Play

Would you still work at your job if YOU had to pay to work there instead of getting paid?

We all need to eat, have a place to sleep, and everything that goes along with living (which I’m sum up with “Ice-Cream Money”.)

This is how it is with our hobbies. We pay for the gear, lessons, and resources needed to do our hobbies.

We pay for college. (In hopes of getting paid later at a great job / career.)

What about our jobs though? Or our friends or dreams?

Would you do what you are doing if you had to pay money to do it?

Because if you look at in another way, this is what we are all doing — paying to play. Sometime that actually does mean $, but more importantly we are paying with our time.

Time is our most valuable currency.

We tend to only recognized this, unfortunately, after we giving it up (myself included) to distractions, to others and or to inner insecurities. Time is our most finite resource. You can always get LESS money (and become as broke as you want to be) or you can always get MORE money (and become as rich as you want to be), but you can’t get more time than you have right now. (no take-backsies).

The moment you realize this, no matter what age you are, you have a choice:

1. To keep on doing what you’ve been doing. Ignoring how you spend your time, or at the very least spending it like its an unlimited resource.

Or —

2. To say yes to the things and people you value most.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh W.

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